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Events 2016- 2017
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Upcoming Events :

Date : 22nd December, 2016
Auspices : Karthik Fine Arts
Venue : Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan
Production: Dance Theatre
Title : Atma Naadam Idaya Natanam
Summary : Paattile pannai vaitthaar , paaduvaarkku arulum vaitthaar ..... These words of Sri Muruganar aptly represents this production which traces the story of Ramana Isai - A story of Ramana Arul . This is a dance tribute to my mother Sulochana who was ,and is ,the embodiment of Ramananjali Sangeetham

Date : 28th December, 2016
Auspices : Lions Club and RASA - Arpita
Venue : Bapalal Bhavan
Date : 11th January, 2017
Auspices : Brahma Gana Sabha
Venue : Sivagami Petachi Auditorium
Type of Production: Dance
Title : Sarvam Brahma Mayam
Production : Dance
Summary : The Experience of Universal Oneness through the words of Sadasiva Brahmendral , Tukaram , Bhagavan Ramana , Akka Mahadevi, Annamacharya , Guru Nanak and Tagore.

Date : 29th December, 2016
Auspices : Lions Club and RASA - Arpita
Venue : Bapalal Bhavan
Type of Production: Musical ensemble
Title : Ramananjali - Directors' special
Summary : A rendering of songs from the Ramananjali repertoire chosen and presented by three Music Directors - K S Raghunathan, Rajkumar Bharathi and Ambika Kameshwar

Date : 1st January, 2017
Auspices : Lions club and Rasa Arpita
Venue : Bapalal Bhavan
Type of Programme: Musical Discourse
Title : Bala Deiva Charitamrtam
Summary : The Bala leelas of varied manifestations of Saguna Brahman as a discourse interspersed with song renditions

Date : 14th January, 2017
Auspices : Iyal Isai Nataka Manram
Venue : Auditorium of Iyal Isai Nataka Manram , Greenways Road
Production: Dance Theatre
Title : Unmai Suthanthiram Enge
Summary : A discussion through dance on the true meaning of freedom . We begin with freedom for India and go on to discuss freedom at the world level and then at the Eternal level . Following the upadesa of the great ones , we can strive to get true independence which is beyond the physical and mental realms & is freedom true


Past Events :

RASA - 25 years of Unifying through Theatre Arts We celebrated our Silver Jubilee with great grandeur. Three films on RASA were released on that day by eminent people from various fields of Art, Culture and Education. Long Service Awards were given to those people who have served RASA for more than 10 years and Long term Association Awards were given away to all those who have been closely associated with us. Cultural Programmes were also showcased by the Foureeees Special Theatre Group, RASA Arpita and RASA Chetas (Outreach Wing)
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Inauguration and Valedictory

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